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About Us

Lauric Enterprises is the parent company of Lauric Press.  It was founded in 1983 and incorporated in 2000. The primary focus of Lauric Press is to publish books of educational, historical or significant social or entertainment value that might not otherwise find a publisher. Lauric is located in McKinney, Texas, but we provide services and distribution worldwide.

Our specialty is working with companies and individuals who have a clear idea of what their objective is, but lack the time, expertise or resources in-house to accomplish their publishing and promotional objectives.

Lauric follows an a la carte service policy.  We want to provide the services you need at a price you can afford.  Lauric publishes some books in a traditional contracted royalty method, and also offers many services for authors who want to self publish as well.  


Query us at : Jane@LauricEnterprises.com

Services include but are not limited to:

Manuscript Review

. 1st Edits (Necessary edits are noted electronically, but are not changed.)

. 2nd Edits (Necessary edits are noted, reviewed with you and we make the changes to your file.)

. Redlines (We note necessary changes in red on a printed copy of your manuscript–but we do not make the changes,)

. Redlines with corrections (We note necessary changes in red on a printed copy of your manuscript, review with you and then make electronic changes to the manuscript,)

Publishing Options

Traditional Publishing 

. We accept your manuscript for publication, put you under contract and publish your book paying you royalties for sales.

Publishing Assistance for Publishing through another Publisher:

. We help you prepare your book for publication through another publisher working with you to get your book in the best possible condition for submission.


. We work with you to prepare your book for publication through a company like Lightning Source.  Help you set up your own account, purchase your ISBN numbers and become your own publisher retaining all rights to your book.

. and more…

Email Jane@LauricEnterprises.com w/questions.

Please included a brief message about which services you’re interested in, and someone will contact you within 24 hours.



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