Book and Cover Design

Nothing beats a great book cover! Today, people make up their mind about the book they want to read in less than three seconds.  Often covers are displayed over a variety of media devices in many different sizes, and poor book cover planning can be catastrophic.  It takes a lot of planning and knowledge to come up with a book cover that grabs the reader, regardless of how it’s displayed, and makes them want to buy and read that book.

Lauric designs book covers and book interior layouts that are not only beautiful, but also that articulately communicate the book subject matter in the best possible way.  We make books shine.  

In mainstream publishing, authors frequently have little or no say about what the book cover will look like. It can be a major source of contention among the author, agent, editor, and publisher. Frequently authors are greatly disappointed in their book covers and come away with the feeling their book would have sold better had the cover more accurately and artistically represented the contents. All publishing houses struggle with overhead and deadlines (time is money), and original artwork grows increasingly expensive and more difficulty to acquire. For this reason, many publishers resort to static clip art or stock photos of static objects to represent the authors work, often the art doesn’t even relate to the content.

We will never use static clip art for your cover.  Never. We think by spending  a little time up front with the author, a cover can be beautiful, functional, applicable to the material, original, and affordable.  We want authors to feel good about their book covers and for the books to sell themselves based on an excellent cover and content.

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