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Promote, Promote, Promote Your Book

Most authors are so caught up in writing their book that, once it’s done, they don’t have a clue about how to sell or promote it. In fact, promoting their work often turns out to be more challenging than actually writing the book. And often it takes more time and energy than writing. Many authors aren’t comfortable wearing the hat of self-promotion, and sometimesreally good books don’t sell because appropriate steps are not taken to promote them. 

Many good books fail because even really good authors are unwilling or unable to promote their work. Writing is 50 percent creation and 50 percent promotion.  This is a fact many authors don’t realize until after they’ve written their first book. Our goal is to help you avoid this pitfal and make your book a success.

Lauric Book Promotion

To successfully market your book, regardless of what type of publishing you choose, all authors need the following:

  • webpage
  • mailing list
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn page
  • Twitter account

…and more!!!

Authors also need to

  • schedule speaking engagements at book clubs, writer conferences and any other event related to their work.
  • send out regular mailings and emails to their fans and potential reader base.
  • continue to seek new publishing contacts and maintain existing ones.

Lauric can design and publish a webpage for you, maintain your email list and establish your fan page on Facebook. We can also design and send out regular emails or USPS mailings as needed to announce your upcoming appearances, book signings, upcoming publication dates and more. That leaves you free to schedule your speaking engagements and write that next book.

 “Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.” – George R. R. Martin

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