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Lauric edits webpages, and writing of any sort including ads, short stories, articles, books, thesis’ and more, and provides in print layout services that meet the requirements of mainstream publishers as well as print-on-demand and e-publishers like Kindle.

Laying out a book so it will meet or exceed the standards set by printers is a tricky and complicated business. There are potentially dozens of software packages involved, and not all of them communicate smoothly with one another. There are frequently conflicts between software (not all software packages play well together), fonts, book sizing, gutter width, margins and cover designs and layouts–the list is extensive.

Most authors are in the business of writing. Getting bogged down in the fast changing environment of software, printing standards, online publishing hassles and cleanup details leaves less time to come up with that next creative idea and actually write the next great work.

This is why Lauric is such a good choice. We can handle the editing and layout of your marterial so you can go on to produce your next project with less worry and stress.

We offer you the a la carte services you need, and nothing you don’t want. Whether you want us to take a quick look at your business or personal ad, web page, technical manuals, a short story, article, thesis, scholarly articles, journal articles, book, business proposal or pretty much anything else, we can do it. We can also take your handwritten notes, or computer files and turn them into a book too, if that’s what you need. We can also insert images, cutlines for photos into your work to visually enhance your work.

Not sure how to get started? Email Jane, and she’ll brainstorm with you to see what editorial/book publishing services best suit your needs. We want to take the fear out of your next project and replace it with pride.

Our editorial and book publishing services are:

  • thorough
  • quick
  • comprehensive
  • as needed

If you’d like to learn more about Lauric’s Book Editing and Book Layout Services, email: Jane@LauricEnterprises.com

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