“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Editing and Book Publishing

Lauric Press publishes books by a variety of methods in many different genres. Our goal is to produce books that make significant contributions in their respective fields.  We’ve been successfully doing that for more than 20 years.

Maybe your book is about an issue related to current events. Maybe it contains training information or educational information that you think has value to a specific audience. Or maybe it’s a work of fiction that’s been turned down by other publishers because they just don’t want to take a chance on a new author or you don’t quite fit their formula–this time. Maybe it’s a book that you once published with another publishing house, but the rights have reverted back to you, and now with all the distribution opportunities out there, you feel republishing the work could generate additional income or might stimulate interest in works you have placed with other publishers. Maybe you’ve written a book about your business, your sport, or your life and know you have a built in audience already — if you only had your idea in print or e-book form. Or you have the manuscript completed, but can’t seem to find the time to send out those letters to editors and agents who might find your work irresistible. Perhaps you have a rough draft of work you’d like to publish in a scholarly journal but don’t have time to polish and reference it.  If any of this sounds familiar, reach out and see what Lauric can do for you.  We are 100 percent onshore, Native Speaking, so you are guaranteed the best quality editing available.

If any of this sounds familiar, then Lauric Press may be a good fit for you.


So…you have an article, an ad, a book cover, term paper, thesis, short story, business proposal — or something else.  No matter how good you are, you need someone to edit your work before you go public with it.  Lauric can help. Contact us today for a quote on your project. 


Lauric publishes books in a traditional publishing business model where we buy the copyright to your work, edit and publish the book and pay you royalties. We also provide many publishing options that allow the writer to retain part or all of the rights to their work.  To query Lauric, send a brief synopsis of your book and a description of yourself and explain why you think your book is the best in it’s genre.  Send all queries to the email address listed below.


No matter who you publish with or how successful you are, to keep the publishing ball moving forward, someone’s going to have to promote you. Most publishers spend little or nothing on promoting new authors.  They expect, even demand, that you develop your own platform, your own mailing lists, your own press releases and announcements.  The fact is, no one is going to promote you today–like you. However, we can spare you some of the more tedious and time consuming elements of self-promotion.

Lauric offers al la carte promotional services for books we publish and also for books published by others.  Email us with brief details of your project and what you’d like to accomplish, and we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Email: Jane@LauricEnterprises.com


“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.” – George R. R. Martin


Books by Lauric Press



Last of the Gunmen – 2016 – By W. Hock Hochheim (Download by Lauric)



Don’t Even Think About It – 2015 – By W. Hock Hochheim (Paperback by Lauric) (Download by Lauric) (Kindle) 



Creating Texas – A Brief History of the Revolution – 2014 – By Jeffrey Dane and Rod Timanus (Paperback by Lauric) (Download by Lauric) (Kindle) 



Blood Rust – Death of the China Doll – 2014 – By W. Hock Hochheim (Paperback and Download by Lauric) (Kindle) 



My Gun is My Passport  – 2013 – By W. Hock Hochheim (Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award 2015 for Best Military Fiction) (Download by Lauric) (Kindle)  



Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin – 2014 – By Paul Schanan and David Hunzicker (Download by Lauric)



Drums of the Dark Forest  By Ed Stowers (no longer available) 



Ride a Lonely Wind By Ed Stowers (Finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Award Western Catagory 2013) (no longer available)



Annie’s Odyssey By Keith Plouffe  (no longer available)



Be Bad Now – 2010 By W. Hock Hochheim (Paperback from Lauric) (Download from Lauric) (Kindle)



Sundown Seasons – 2007 – By Dorothy Holderbaum (Paperback from Lauric) (Download from Lauric) (Kindle)


“Reality, the really annoying time when you are not reading.”

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